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Greetings and welcome! You are currently on this platform because a candidate from Teleo University has requested a referral or a school has been asked to provide students' report cards. For referrals, please proceed to the Download section, complete the referral form, scan it, and submit it. To upload the Student's Transcripts, please utilize the provided box on the right to submit a PDF file. Please note that any document you send should not exceed 5MB in size. It is crucial to include the student's registration number mentioned in the email so that we can identify and process your recommendation accurately.

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 * If it is not the school or university that sends the candidate's transcripts as part of the enrollment at Teleo University, it is the student's responsibility to provide the transcripts, duly notarized by a licensed notary, as notified.


Recommendation 1: T-Net Training Center Trainer-Facilitator.
Recommendation 2: Personal Reference.
Recommendation 3: Ministry Reference.

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